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    Chào mừng quý vị đến với Hành trang cuộc sống - Lê Thị Phương Mai .

    Quý vị chưa đăng nhập hoặc chưa đăng ký làm thành viên, vì vậy chưa thể tải được các tư liệu của Thư viện về máy tính của mình.
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    TẠI TP.HCM NĂM HỌC 2008-2009 
    MÔN: TIẾNG ANH (môn chuyên)

    1. A. eventually B. depletion C. competitive D. regretful
    2. A. vacancy B. wholesale C. inflation D. stagnant
    3. A. education B. bridges C. garage D. enlarge
    4. A. box B. clocks C. class D. relics 
    5. A. church B. further C. sure D. urgent
    1. A. possession B. property C. industry D. element
    2. A. basically B. eminent C. ordinary D. maternal
    3. A. shortcoming B. leopard C. kindergarten D. personify
    4. A. undoubtedly B. economic C. university D. agricultural
    5. A. enthusiasm B. fertilizer C. indicator D. socializing
    1. I don’t see any _______ in arriving early at the theater if the show doesn’t start until 9 o’clock.
    A. cause B. reason C. aim D. point
    2. The new manager’s office has _______ new equipment.
    A. many B. a lot of C. some of D. a few 
    3. I don’t _______ to change my job because I like it.
    A. risk B. intend C. persist D. insist
    4. You thought I did wrong but the result _______ my action.
    A. agreed B. approved C. proved D. justified
    5. Thomas has a garden which is _______ mine.
    A. double as large B. semi-larger than 
    C. twice as large as D. as two-time as large 
    6. _ “What do you think of the film we’ve watched?” _ “____________”
    A. It’s a breeze! B. No kidding! C. I’ve seen better. D. None of your business!
    7. In 1870, _______, John D. Rockefeller and others created the Standard Oil Company.
    A. that oil prices fluctuated B. despite fluctuating oil prices 
    C. but the oil prices fluctuated D. oil prices were fluctuating
    8. ______ to school by bus.
    A. Many a student goes B. Many the students go 
    C. Many of students go D. Much student goes
    9. Careless driving also accounts ______ the increasing number of traffic accidents.
    A. on B. into C. for D. with
    10. ______ is not clear to researchers.
    A. Why dinosaurs having become extinct B. Why dinosaurs became extinct 
    C. Did dinosaurs become extinct D. Dinosaurs became extinct
    11. The new manager is ______ easy-going. He is always very serious about the work.
    A. by no means B. by means of C. by all means D. in the mean time
    12. We enjoy the hams and coffee at this _______ restaurant.
    A. family-owning B. family-owned C. owning-family D. owned-family
    13. I’d rather ______ to the party with my parents because there was nothing interesting there.
    A. haven’t been invited B. hadn’t been invited 
    C. not be invited D. not have been invited 
    14. When the university suggested _______, the student union protested vigorously.
    A. tuition be raised B. to raise tuition C. on raising tuition D. that tuition should raise 
    15. ______ one after another, parallel computers perform groups of operations at the same time.
    A. Conventional computers, by handling tasks 
    B. Since tasks being handled by conventional computers 
    C. Whereas conventional computers handle tasks 
    D. While tasks handled by conventional computers
    16. She ______ him of having lied to her.
    A. threatened B. blamed C. criticized D. accused
    17. We have bought extra food _______ our friends stay to have dinner.
    A. in case B. if C. provided D. as long as
    18. Cut this cake into six _______ pieces.
    A. same B. alike C. like D. equal
    19. If only it _______ differently! I had hoped to be acquitted.
    A. had been concluded B. were concluded C. had concluded D. concluded
    20. I was ______ in the countryside but went to school in HCMC.
    A. brought up B. taken over C. made up D. put off
    21. Most of _______ archaeologists know about prehistoric cultures is based on studies of material remains.
    A. these B. what C. which D. their
    22. We couldn’t afford that house because it ________.
    A. was over my head B. paid through the nose 
    C. cost an arm and a leg D. blew my own trumpet
    23. ______ the Christmas shopping season begins.
    A. That is after Thanksgiving B. After Thanksgiving it is 
    C. It is after Thanksgiving that D. It is Thanksgiving that
    24. New York City is America’s largest city, ______ it is not the capital of New York State.
    A. therefore B. but C. so D. however
    25. He promised her an Oxford dictionary, but disappointingly he _______ on his word.
    A. turned over B. stood up C. went back D. sat down
    26. This young music composer is very famous _______ the most influential composer.
    A. for B. to C. as D. with
    27. She came ______ a lot of problems at work.
    A. up with B. down with C. in for D. up against 
    28. They take ______ each other like two peas.
    A. in B. after C. to D. for
    29. Didn’t it ever ______ to them that they would be severely punished?
    A. occur B. happen C. enter D. come
    30. If you want to ______ weight, cut down on fat.
    A. put off B. come down C. take over D. cut off
    31. By the time we get out of this traffic jam, all the guests _______ home.
    A. have gone B. had gone C. will go D. will have gone
    32. ______ members of the class has to be responsible for his own actions.
    A. Each of the B. Every C. None of D. All
    33. The teacher _______ them the answer to the question.
    A. explained B. said C. discussed D. told
    34. We met each other at the meeting ______ coincidence.
    A. by B. in C. for D. to
    35. As we’ve been discussing for 2 hours without any solution, I’d like to ______ my own solution to this problem.
    A. come up B. bring down C. put forward D. take in
    36. The accident resulted ______ some minor injuries.
    A. to B. from C. in D. of
    37. Dave, I really appreciate _______ me. But I think I could manage it myself.
    A. you to help B. you helped C. your helping D. that you would help
    38. One of the robbers was described by the witnesses _______ tall and about 25.
    A. like B. by C. in D. as
    39. I left the purse at home. Can you _______ without breakfast today, dear?
    A. go B. do C. make D. live
    40. One of the solutions _______ by environmentalists is to ban vehicles from the city center.
    A. are suggested B. is suggested C. suggesting D. suggested
    41. While the boss was away, her assistant stood ______ her and helped her solve any problems arising.
    A. up to B. in for C. up against D. out of
    42. I would like to rent a house, modern, comfortable, and _______ in a quite place.
    A. before all B. above all C. first of all D. after all
    43. We could never get ready for the test at such short _______.
    A. call B. notice C. advice D. note
    44. To resist corrosion _______ for today's car to prevent havoc caused by road salts, gravel and other materials.
    A. have new coatings been developed B. new coatings developing 
    C. development of new coatings D. new coatings have been developed
    45. Some scientists say it is essential that mankind _______ the amount of air pollution in big cities.
    A. be reduced B. reduced C. reduce D. will reduce
    46. She couldn’t but _____ there crying.
    A. stood B. standing C. to stand D. stand
    47. ______ where to find the key, the boy could not open the safe.
    A. Knowing not B. Knew not C. Not knowing D. Didn’t know
    48. They received _______ advice from their parents that they became successful.
    A. so good B. such a good C. so good an D. such good
    49. Computers are said to be _______ for the development of mankind.
    A. here to stay B. neither here nor there 
    C. here and there D. here today, gone tomorrow 
    50. _ “She’s the best pianist in the school.” _ “__________”
    A. That’s that. B. Never mind! C. That’s OK! D. You can say that again.

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