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    Chào mừng quý vị đến với Hành trang cuộc sống - Lê Thị Phương Mai .

    Quý vị chưa đăng nhập hoặc chưa đăng ký làm thành viên, vì vậy chưa thể tải được các tư liệu của Thư viện về máy tính của mình.
    Nếu đã đăng ký rồi, quý vị có thể đăng nhập ở ngay ô bên phải.

    Multiple choice

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    Người gửi: Lê Thị Phương Mai (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 04h:13' 07-01-2013
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    The early railway in Britain

    In 1830, there were under 100 miles of public railway in Britain. Yet within 20 years, this (0)…….
    had grown to more than 5,000 miles. By the end of the century, almost enough rail track to (1) the
    world covered this small island, (2) ...the nature of travel for ever and contributing to the industrial
    revolution that changed the (3) ... of history in many parts of the world.
    Wherever railways were introduced, economic and social progress quickly (4) ....... In a single day, rail
    passengers could travel hundreds of miles, (5) ........previous journey times by huge margins and bringing
    rapid travel within the (6) of ordinary people. Previously, many people had never ventured (7)…….
    the outskirts of their towns and villages. The railway brought them (8) ........freedom and enlightenment.
    In the19th century, the railway in Britain (9)……..something more than just the business
    of carrying goods and passengers. Trains were associated with romance, adventure and,
    frequently,(10)…… luxury. The great steam locomotives that thundered across the land were the jet
    airliners of their (11) ........, carrying passengers in comfort over vast distances in unimaginably short
    times. But the railways (12) .........more than revolutionise travel; they also (13)……. a distinctive
    and permanent mark on the British landscape. Whole towns and industrial centres (14)……. up
    around major rail junctions, monumental bridges and viaducts crossed rivers and valleys and the
    railway stations themselves became (15)……. places to spend time between journeys.

    0 A amount B figure C sum D quantity
    1 A revolve B enclose C encircle D orbit
    2 A altering B amending C adapting D adjusting
    3 A route B way C line D course
    4 A pursued B followed C succeeded D chased
    5 A cancelling B subtracting C cutting D abolishing
    6 A reach B capacity C facility D hold
    7 A further B over C beyond D above
    8 A larger B higher C bigger D greater
    9 A served B functioned C represented D performed
    10 A considerable B generous C plentiful D sizeable
    11 A date B stage C day D phase
    12 A caused B did C produced D turned
    13 A laid B set C settled D left
    14 A jumped B stood C burst D sprang
    15 A preferable B liked C desirable D wanted

    Driving from Beijing to Paris

    Every (0) ... begins with a single step.` We might (1) ......this proverb for the 16,000 km Beijing
    to Paris car rally, and say that every rally begins with a (2) .......... of the wheel. From China, several
    hundred courageous men and women will (3) ...out for Paris in pursuit of what, for many, is
    likely to prove an impossible (4) ... .Everybody is prepared for the worst and expects a high
    drop-out (5) ... , especially on the rally`s difficult first (6) ... across central China and over the

    high mountain (7) ...of the Himalayas .`If twenty-five cars (8) ... it to Paris, we`ll be doing well,`
    says Philip Young, the rally organiser.
    Now planned as an annual event, the first Beijing-Paris car rally took place in 1907. It was won
    by Prince Borghese, an Italian adventurer, who crossed the (9) ... line just a few metres (10) ...
    of the only other car to complete the race. Nowadays, not many people know about Prince
    Borghese, but at the time his achievement was (11) ... as comparable to that of Marco Polo,
    who travelled from Venice to China in the thirteenth century. According to the (12) ... , all the
    cars in the rally must be more than thirty years old, which means that the (13) ... roads and high
    altitude are a (14) ...test of both the cars and the drivers. A sense of adventure is essential.
    One driver said,`Our (15) to have a good time, enjoy the experience and the magnificent
    scenery - and
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