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Anh 10

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Nguồn: ST
Người gửi: Lê Thị Phương Mai (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 08h:17' 20-09-2017
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Week: 01 Date of preparation: 18/08/ 2012
Period: 01 Date of teaching: 20 - 21/08/ 2012


I. Aim: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to remember the structures and uses of two tenses: the present simple and the past simple.
II. Methods: Integrating, mainly communication.
III. Language content: the present and past simple,…
IV. Teaching aids: Textbook, chalks, board, …
V. Procedure:
1. Settlement: Greeting the class & checking students’ attendance.
2. New lesson:
T and Ss’ activities

1. The present simple (10’)
* Structures:
- With “TO BE”: (+): S + is/am/are + …
( - ): S + isn’t/ am not/ aren’t + …
( ? ): Is/Am/ Are + S + …?
Ex: I am a teacher.
Are you a teacher?
- With normal verbs:
(+): S + V/Vs/es + (O).
(- ): S + don’t/doesn’t + V + (O).
(?): Do/Does + S + V + (O)?
Ex: She often gets up early.
Do they always go to school by bus?
* Usage:
- express an obvious truth.
- express a repeated action at present.
- express a description, comment.
* Adverbs: usually, sometimes, often, always, every (day/ night/ week, …), rarely, seldom,…
Ex: I seldom go to school late.
My father drinks a cup of coffee every morning.
- T asks Ss about the present simple form of “TO BE” and ordinary verbs that they have learnt.
- Ss listen and answer.
- T corrects Ss’ mistakes if their answers are wrong.
- Ss copy.

- T reminds Ss the usages and adverbs of the present simple and gives examples to illustrate.
- Ss remind and copy.

2. The past simple (10’)
* Structures:
- With “TO BE”: (+): S + was/were + …
( - ): S + wasn’t/ weren’t + …
( ? ): Was/Were + S + …?
Ex: I was in grade 9 last year.
They weren’t at home last night.
- With normal verbs:
(+): S + V/Ved/2 + (O).
(- ): S + didn’t + V + (O).
(?): Did + S + V + (O)?
Ex: Yesterday she went to school by bus.
They didn’t like the film on TV last night.
Did you buy a pen?
* Usage: express an action that happens and ends in the past with a clear time.
* Adverbs: yesterday, ago, last (night/ week, …), in …
- T calls Ss to go to the board and write the structures of the past simple.
- Ss remember and write.
- Ss copy.

Exercise (23’): Give the correct form of verbs in brackets.
1. She (be) is always happy when she meets her parents.
2. Did You (speak) speak to Mrs. Baker yesterday?
3. My father (drink) drinks tea everyday.
4. He (not like) didn’t like the movie last week.
5. They seldom (go) go to bed early.
6. She (be) was born in 1980.
7. It (be) is often hot in summer.
8. All the students (go) went to the cinema last night.
9. Sometimes Lan (go) goes shopping with her mother.
10. He often (catch) catches a train to work.
11. He usually (water) waters the trees in the morning.
12. Did She (do) do her homework last night?
13. Last weekend Harry (fly) flew to London.
14. Mark and George (play) play soccer twice a week.
15. In 1994 Jill and Sally (be) were in San Francisco.
- T gives exercises and has Ss give correct forms of verbs in brackets.
- Ss copy and do exercises.
- T calls Ss to give their answers on the board and corrects.
- Ss write down the correct answers on their notebook.

Review two tenses
Prepare for the test.

- T reminds Ss to review two tenses and prepare for the test.
- Ss listen and remember.

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