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Unit 15. Computers

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WEEK: 22

1. Combine each pair of sentences, using “so as to/in order to”.
Ex: He went to HCM city. He wanted to meet his father.
( He went to HCM city in order to/so as to meet his father.
1/ She phoned me last night. She wanted to know the result of the exam.
2/ My mother went to the market. She wanted to buy food.
3/ The man is practicing singing English songs. He will take part in a singing contest
4/ The children are working very hard. They have to pass the final exam.
5/ We are saving money. We want to buy a car.

2. Combine the sentences in column A with the ideas in column B.

1. My father turns on the TV in order…
a. … not to be late for school.

2. John moved to a new flat so as…
b. … he’ll get it before Tuesday.

3. I got up early this morning in order…
c. … to see the news.

4. She’s staying in USA for six months so that…
d. .. to teach the bus in time.

5. He went to France in order…
e. … not to fail in the final exam.

6. Send the letter express so that…
f. .. she can perfect her English.

7. We try our best to study so as…
g. … to be near his work.

8. The students were in a hurry so as...
h. … to learn French.


3. Give the right form of the verbs in brackets: Simple Future or simple Present:
1/ We _____ (go) out when the rain _____ (stop).
2/ She _____ (not come) until you _____ (be) ready.
3/ I _____ (come) and _____ (see) them before I leave here.
4/ We _____ (phone) you as soon as we _____ (arrive) in Hanoi.
5/ When I _____ (see) Mr. Pike tomorrow, I _____ (give) him you message.
6/ He promises he _____ (leave) before the sun _____ (rise).
7/ They _____ (move) to their new house at Christmas this year.
8/ Who _____ (look after) the children when you sister _____ (be) away?

4. Complete the sentences with : “ will (‘ll) or won’t + one of these verbs: be, come, wait, like, know, meet, pass, set, look, happen.”,
1/ I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. It ____ again.
2/ Can you wait for me? I ____ very long.
3/ They have invited him to the party but they don’t think he ____ .
4/ Tom ____ the final exam. He hasn’t worked hard enough for it.
5/ Why don’t you try on this dress? I think it ____ nice on you.
6/ I ____ here until you come back tomorrow.
7/ Don’t ask Susan for advice. She ____ what to do.
8/ I’m so tired to walk home. I think I ____ a taxi.
9/ You must meet George sometimes. I think you ____ him.
10/ What a nuisance! I hope we ____ him again.

5. Which is the correct? Fill in the blank with the correct one.
1/ “Did you phone Ruth?” “Oh, no. I forgot. I _____ her now. (phone/ will phone)
2/ I can’t meet you tomorrow morning, I _____ tennis (am playing/ will play)
3/ We _____ you outside the theater in half an hour. OK? (meet/ will meet)
4/ “I need some money.” “ Well, I _____ you some. (am lending/ will lend)
5/ I _____ a party next Saturday. I hope you can come. (am having/ will have)
6/ “Remember to lock the door before leaving. “ OK. I _____ . (don’t forget/ won’t forget)
7/ What time _____ tomorrow? (does your train leave/ will your train leave)
8/ _____ anything tomorrow evening? (Are you doing/ Will you do)
9/ I don’t want to go to the movies alone. ______ with me? (Do you go/ Will you go)
10/ It’s a secret between us. I promise I ______ I anybody. (don’t tell/ won’t tell)

6. Complete the second sentences so that it has a similar meaning to the first.
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