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VOA Special English 2007 Vol 1-1

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2006: Expanding Ways to Communicate and Have Fun on the Net

Welcome to AMERICAN MOSAIC in VOA Special English. (MUSIC)
I`m Bob Doughty. Two thousand six is almost over. On this special show, Shirley Griffith and I look back at some trends from the past year.


The dictionary says a trend is a kind of movement or direction. People around the world used their computers to buy goods, communicate with others, listen to music, see pictures and learn about different places and ideas.

In two thousand six, more people around the world used new ways to communicate and connect with each other through the Internet. We take a look at some kinds of technology that became more popular this year.


The blog is one form of communication that increased in popularity. Blog is a short way of saying Web log. Through these personal Web sites, people can share their lives, ideas and opinions with anyone on the Internet. Millions of people throughout the world are creating and reading blogs. There are reportedly thirteen million blogs in the United States alone.

People of all ages have their own blogs. For young people, they are a way to show their writings and other forms of self-expression. Blogs
A blogger in a Chicago coffee also connect people with other people who have the same interests. For
shop example, teachers use blogs to share ideas, experiences and concerns
about their work with other teachers.

Many Web sites offer free services to create personal Web pages and fill them with writings and
pictures. These sites include MySpace, used mainly by teenagers and young adults. MySpace is an online community that lets people share messages and pictures with an increasing number of friends. About one hundred twenty million people use MySpace. It is the most popular social networking site on the Web.


YouTube is another Internet site that became more popular this year. This Web site lets anyone create, share and watch short videos. People can watch almost anything on YouTube: news, sports and entertainment events. Music videos. And videos made by people in their own homes. These include videos of people singing or dancing, or animals doing funny things.

YouTube says that people watch at least one hundred million videos on the site every day. Three
young men created YouTube almost two years ago as a personal video sharing service. They recently sold it to Google for more than one and one half billion dollars.


Games and entertainment also became a larger part of the Internet this year. One Internet social site is called Second Life. It is an online world in which computer users create a new self and live a different life. They get married, build homes, operate businesses, buy and sell goods, work, play and attend school. About two million people take part in Second Life.

People also take part in fantasy sports leagues with the help of the Internet. A fantasy sport is a game in which each member of a group acts as the owner of a team. Each owner creates a team of real-life professional players to compete against other teams in the league.

Fantasy players get a chance to make the same decisions professional owners and managers do. The fantasy teams compete against each other using points earned by the real players of the professional sport.

More than fifteen million American adults play fantasy sports. The
industry earns more than one billion dollars each year on publications, memberships and other costs.

Cameron Ferroni operates
fantasy football software for VOICE ONE:
There were also some new trends in music this year. Many singers expressed a serious side with performances and songs that had a clear political message.

For example, during her international concert tour, Madonna showed her support for helping poor people in Africa. The country music group the Dixie Chicks wrote songs about standing strong for their political beliefs in their album “Taking the Long Way.” Some fans praised the album while others rejected it.

Another example is this song from Bruce Springsteen, “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live.” He recorded it in honor of the people of New Orleans and their struggle after hurricane Katrina.
Music groups that are part of the "independent" or “indie” rock style remained very popular this year. These groups are called indie because they often choose smaller record companies over major ones in

order to protect their artistic independence. Death Cab for Cutie and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are two bands that received great praise this year.
Another is My Morning Jacket. Here the band performs their song “ It Beats 4 U.” (MUSIC)

Many bands were created this year as
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